Royal Group is coming to Kartal to raise your standards.
Royal Garden Kartal, with its spacious apartments with 3.50 m story
height, unique view, with its net 10.500 m² landscape and communal
area, four season available swimming pool with a retractable roof,
nursery, and many more unique comfort features, will raise your

80% green field,
100% happiness.

Royal Group reserved 80 percent of Royal Garden Kartal, which is built on 13.500 m² area, as green field. With its verdant gardens, social life spaces to revive your life, walking-tracks, private barbeque space, pavilions, sports areas, and many other comfort features planned in detail to make your life easier, and also to enrich your social life, high quality of life is standard in Royal Garden Kartal.

3.50 m story height,
360° comfort.

In Royal Garden Kartal high ceiling is a standard.

Spacious apartments with 3.50 m story height, and Prince Island view laid under your feet is in Royal Garden Kartal.

Royal Garden Kartal...
Here, happiness, tranquillity, and comfort are standard.

Apartment Features

  • Gross 3.50 m story height.
  • High security Apartment door which can be locked multiple locations and opened with finger print.
  • Timber cover, decorative and modern designed indoor doors.
  • Practical kitchen equipped with built-in devices.
    - Cooker
    - Oven
    - Hood fume
    - Dishwasher
  • Hall stand specially designed for each apartment type.
  • Smart home automation system.
  • Communal area cameras are being watched from the apartments.
  • Multi system air conditioner; a unit ready in the living room, substructure in the bedroom.
  • For 5+1 apartments, specially designed en-suite bathroom and a Jacuzzi.
  • Telephone connection between your apartment and security.
  • Hot water access whenever you want, thanks to the story station system.
  • Standard, heat sensitive fire alarm and extinguisher in every room.
  • Direct transportation with the elevator to a private parking lot, for 4+1 and 5+1 apartments, two parking lot right.
  • For every single apartment, 2.00 m² storage space (in floor B2)